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Welcome to the Bible School

About Word Foundation Bible Institute

Welcome to the Word Foundation Bible Institute of Royal Assembly Church.


Our Bible School seeks to equip the saints of God with the true knowledge of God's word so that they can stand in the day of adversity. The Bible shows that God's people are destroyed because they lack knowledge (Hosea 4:6) so it is our mandate not only to teach but also to impart the fire of sharing God's word with all our students.


We believe that you will not only be taught God's word but also challenged to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all. 

Certificates offered are not theological accreditation but an acknowledgment of your dedication and excellence in our curriculum.

Bible School Royal Assembly Church

Choose Your Preferred Program

Whether you prefer to interact with your lecturer in a physical classroom or you like to attend class from the comfort of your home, we got you covered. Select a program below that suits your style.


Please Note: Once you start a program you cannot switch until completion.

In-Person Program

Students are required to be present in class for all lecture days.

Online Program

Students can take the courses at their own convenience as during a scheduled week.

What our Students say...

My experience since I came in contact with this ministry via the Bible School has been awesome. Before now, all I knew about Christianity was laws and commandments but now I have been equipped to function as a member of the body of Christ and to function in the knowledge of God. Glory to God, I can now hear God speak to me

Sis. Hellen N.

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